Fred Tutman has enjoyed a broad and varied career in media, civic advocacy, law and legal education.  A dynamic and inspirational public speaker, Fred is adept at helping people explore their own values with regard to nature and stewardship of the earth.

Fred is a committed environmentalist with many front line experiences dealing with topical conservation issues.  His  professional life spans a variety of career evolutions, rich with unusual experiences and insights.  As a former journalist he has traveled extensively, often as a witness to newsworthy and notable events.  As an outdoor adventurer and Patuxent Riverkeeper, Fred has a true passion for taking roads less traveled, and protecting those roads for generations to come.         Read Fred’s biography  

"There are special times on my river at dawn when the blazing sun comes up and both the sky and the water momentarily seem to be on fire! Light coming at you from almost every direction...

...this over the top natural performance is a special treat that can’t faithfully be shared by photos or words—only experienced in person. Then and only then will you know for certain that protecting such beauty is part of your destiny."

I'm interested in working with others who share my passion for making life productive and meaningful, and making a contribution to bettering the world.   Fred Tutman

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